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Hi, my name is Ansu. I am an artist, educator and creative entrepreneur from Pretoria, South Africa. I am also an avid blogger, writer and a bit of a poet. I am a Christian and Prayer warrior too and I love to encourage and teach others what I know. I have a heart for children and women of all ages. 

Please join me in my creative journey as I discover and create art and write about it. Join me also on a grace filled journey as I discover more of God's grace for me and the world in general through this road we call life filled with the lilies of moments of His provision. 

More about me:

I followed a formal teaching career for about 20 years until I decided to explore other creative avenues. Currently I am the director, general manager and co-owner of Ivytree Studio. Ivytree Studio is a design studio and we created quality products for the creative industries. 

Personally, I love all things paper. I love all things paint. It makes sense to me that I combine it all as much as possible. My personal art consists of creations of inspiration and encouragement with a focus on portraits using mixed media. 

I am an avid card designer and scrapbooker and a memory keeper at my core. I have recently discovered Project Life and the pocket way of memory keeping and fell in love with it because of its simplicity. I design my own filler and journal cards and anything else that includes using paper. I believe it is the simple things in life that brings us happiness and paper is so very simple. 

I have also made handmade cards since my school years and I have grown so much in this art form over time. You can view my creations on my Facebook art page or read about it on my blog. My favourite cards to make are artisan bespoke cards that can take up to 8 hours and longer from conception to completion. 

I believe in quality not quantity and therefor I am not a robot or machine that produce in mass. Every piece of art and every final product is made with care and love and passion and hopefully is one of a kind. Excellence is my motto. 

I am inspired by many like minded and highly sensitive artistic women across the world but my dream is to create something unique to my own gifts and thumbprint and to spread a message of hope and encouragement to women who endeavor and succeed in making a living with their art. 

Don't give up! Don't lose hope. It is more about the journey than what you actually achieve. You are growing through it all. Just keep on creating!

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