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Setting up your own Dreambook Prayer journal

Dear Gracefilled Lillies,

Lately I have found that a travel size notebook is ideal for the "Dreambooking" process. I have adapted my original Dreambook to this size. You can take it wherever you go and keep on praying and working in it. I am a real busy bee and that is why I always try to have a little creative outlet with me. It keeps my sensitive temperament in check and helps me process life and my experiences in a positive way. It is like a little therapy on the go. I can really recommend it. The Dreambook is also a way of keeping you focused on what God speaks to your heart. To keep your eye on the ball so to speak.  Leave a comment to this post if you would like more info or would like to share your own personal story regarding prayer and keeping focused through life's challenges.

Decide on the size book/notebook you want to use. This book is 110mm x 210mm (Travel Notebook size) My original Dreambooks are A4 size and gives me loads of space to be creative in. You decide what fits you life and temperament.


Devide the book up in sections and tab it using the tabs provided in the Dreambook kit. After marking your prayer sections, start with a Dream statement. 

This is my first entry under the "Dream Statement" section. I have been going through a very difficult season for a long time. I am praying for a release of this season into the next one, hopefully a less stressful and painful one. 

God has given us (my hubby and me) the Scripture of Jeremiah 29:11 for the past 5 years or so, to hold on to. It talks about God wanting to give us a HOPE and a FUTURE. So, when you go through hard times, how do you hold on to HOPE and how do you believe that the FUTURE will be different than the pain of the past? You hold on to God's Word and the promises in it.

Another Scripture that gives me great HOPE is 1 Corinthians 2:9 that speaks about God already preparing unimaginable great things for us who love HIM. 

I decided that this will be my "Dream Statement" for this reach out again to that FUTURE  God has promised me in His Word. The little artwork, (from the Lèèf Magazine - I use it to cut images that help me illustrate my thoughts and prayers in my Dreambook), suggests a reaching out to something...the white birds represent HOPE to me...something that comes from above, from God. It even looks like the person is in a contained situation, locked in, submerged in water/the sea...which may represent the waves of trouble she finds herself in. The birds hovering above like some kind of life line, her hand just touching it, represents her relentless effort to reach for that HOPE...not giving up...holding on to her FAITH. In the background some buildings...a house and maybe a church signifies a place to belong and a community to belong to. Something I am also praying about. 

Secondly I added a reminder to pray aloud more this year so the enemy can flee from me when I quote God's Word or use the Name of Jesus. He cannot stand both, you know. He has to flee. Also, it serves a second purpose: to audibly show you how God through the Holy Spirit have built up and developed FAITH to rise up in you. I belong to God. I always have and always will because He is my origin and He thought me out. I however became a born again believer at age 15. This means this year on the 9th of September, I will be 29 years old in the Lord. 29 Years of God stirring faith in me, growing me, teaching me, molding me, guiding me, prompting me...alive in me...being gracious to me. I am so very thankful for His faithful love and care in my life. I need to believe despite the difficult season I find myself in, that He is and will be faithful again and lead me on.

Finally, as part of my "Dream Statement", a reminder that I belong to HIM. When the enemy uses people like puppets to reject you or sow doubt and unbelief in your life, which he will do, then you have this reminder to WHOM you truly belong to. God will NEVER reject you, my friend...believe it because it is true.

More examples of the sections you can add to your Dreambook: I am thankful, God & me, my Fight Plan, My marriage and so on.


Add a general section where you can do a five week spread of the month if you have random things you want to pray about that doesn't fall under the sections I provided. 


Collect magazine images from magazines like "Lèèf Tydskrif" or any faith based magazine. Keep your stickers and paper stash, art products and usual Bible journaling stash handy. 

NOTE: Please don't feel like you have to create a Leonardo Da Vinci artwork for this process to work for you. It should be a no stress activity. Something to help you relax and focus your time and energy on God. Don't let art products, tools and techniques become the main focus here. For me paper is the thing that keeps this process simple. A little glue and scissors and my colour pens/pencils and my pretty paper goodies and I am set. 

Start creating visual prayers and always add the date to everything every time you pray. Later you will see how important that becomes. Enjoy!


My prayer for you is that God will meet you in this process and that you will only grow in FAITH and His Grace in your prayer journey. Don't give up! It is worth every minute spent on it.

Drop me a line if you are interested in the Dreambook devotional book and kit. The kit includes all the tabs to mark your Dreambook with and the devotional guides you on the process and gives you a Word study for a month.

I am planning on covering a lot of new topics for the Dreambook and feeling very excited about what God is doing in me with this. It feels like He is doing a whole NEW thing in my life and that a new season is starting. May this be true for your life too.

Dreambook Devotional Kit

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